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Hitachi Nuclear Energy Europe Ltd


Chikara Takeuchi, Managing Director

Chikara Takeuchi

As Managing Director, Chikara Takeuchi provides strategic direction and leadership to Hitachi Nuclear Energy Europe, Ltd.

Since graduating in Electrical Engineering at Keio University, Chikara Takeuchi has worked in Hitachi’s nuclear business. He began his career as a Control & Instrumentation (C&I) Engineer for nuclear build, before moving into project management of nuclear construction, and later working as a department manager for nuclear plant services. Various roles followed in Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd., including as a Senior Project Director on nuclear plant construction – with spells on ABWR projects at Shika and Shimane.

Prior to his UK assignments, Mr Takeuchi was Senior Vice President & General Manager of Hitachi-GE, and spent 6 months assigned to Horizon Nuclear Power before taking on his role as Managing Director of Hitachi Nuclear Energy Europe.

Mitsunobu Oshima, Deputy Managing Director

Mitsunobu Oshima

Mitsunobu Oshima is the Deputy Managing Director of Hitachi Nuclear Energy Europe, ltd., responsible for corporate administration of the business.

Mr Oshima joined Hitachi in 1984, and subsequently worked in a range of commercial and sales roles in the nuclear and power business – including significant spells in the European and South African markets. Since 2014 Mr Oshima has been Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Nuclear Systems Sales Division in Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd.

Eric Chassard, Project Director

Adrian James

Eric brings with him extensive experience of the whole nuclear cycle - new nuclear build projects, operational plants and reprocessing.

Eric joined Hitachi from Areva, where he was Senior Executive Vice President of New Areva in charge of the transformation of the company, and Chairman & CEO of Areva Projects - responsible for Engineering and Project work. Eric has also worked extensively in Operations, including as Chief Nuclear Officer (CNO) on two operational plants.  Eric brings more than two decades of experience at Vice President level both in nuclear power plants and fuel cycle facilities. He also held various positions as safety engineer, commissioning and project manager, operations manager for the Tritium Department at AREVA’s Marcoule facility, the Melox fuel fabrication facility, the La Hague reprocessing facility and Senior Executive VP of the Shaw Areva Mox Services JV in South Carolina, USA.

He commenced his role as Project Director in January 2018.


"As Managing Director, Chikara Takeuchi provides strategic direction and leadership to Hitachi Nuclear Energy Europe, Ltd."